The Witness And Participator Of Chinese Elevator Industry


The predecessor of Aolida Elevator-Xinanjiang Special Elevator Factory was founded.


The production license for 2-ton goods elevator was obtained.


Corporate restructuring, Jiande Aolida Elevator Company Limited was founded with a transited corporation system.In the same year, sales reached one million yuan.


The independently developed VVVF elevator passed the appraisal of provincial experts; the company got the production license for passenger elevator.


In August, it has been appraised as”The Users’ Satisfactory Service Unit”.
In Sept,the company passed IS09OOl quality system identification.
In Dec,the company’s annual sale firstly broke through 10 million RMB.


With the development of whole series of VVVF elevator, the annual sales broke above 30 million RMB.


In Feb. 2005, it has been appraised as “One of 10 Creditable Products with the Trustworthy Quality that Wins Great Satisfaction from Vast Users in China” .
In April 2005, the company newly acquired 4.67 hectares of land.
In May 2005, “Jiande City AOLIDA Elevator Co., Ltd.” has been renamed as “Hangzhou AOLIDA Elevator Co., Ltd.” Registered capital is increased to 10 million RMB.
In June 2005, it has got “Class-B Elevator Manufacture License” and “Class-A Elevator Installation and Repair License” .
In July 2005, it has been appraised as “The Key Backbone Enterprise in Hangzhou City” .
In August 2005, it has become “Class-A Special Equipment Manufacture License,Class-A Elevator Installation; Transformation and Repair License in China” .
In Oct. 2005, it held the Foundation Laying Ceremony of New Factory Zone.
In Nov. 2005, 2.5m/s high speed passenger elevator opens to the market.
In Dec. 2005, annual sale fulfilled 100 million RMB.


In March, it has been appraised “The Guaranteed Quality Credit Enterprise in China”.
In Dec.the annual sales broke above 200 million RMB.


In March 2007,it has been appraised as “The Superior Product in China”.
In June 2007, the completion of new factory symbolizes that AOLIDA Elevator formally stepped into modern business development track.
In Sept. 2007, full-scene high speed machine room-less panorama elevator has been designed00nd applied.
In Oct. 2007, it has been appraised as “The Famous Trademark in Hangzhou City”.
In Dec. 2007 AOLIDA annual sales volume firstly broke through 2000 elevators and sale 300 million RMB.


In Jan. 2008, it smoothly passed Site Manufacture Permission Examination from Guangdong Institute of Special Equipment Inspection.
In March 2008, it has got”Class-A Elevator Manufacture License”issued by General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China.
In June 2008,it has been appraised as “Enterprise Technology Center in Hangzhou City”.
In Oct. 2008, it has been appraised as”The Famous Brand in the Chinese Consumer Markets”,obtained the”Gearless Machine roomless Elevator”Utility Model Patent Certificate, obtained the “Machine roomless Freight Elevator”Utility Model Patent Certificate.


In March 2009, it has been appraised as”The Advanced Enterprise with Social Liability Construction”.
In April 2009,it has been awarded”Up-to-Standard Quality, Standard National Products that Win Great Satisfaction from Vast Users in the Chinese Elevator Manufacture Industry”.
In Dec. 2009, sales volume broke through 400 million RMB.


In Nov.2010, it has been appraised as ‘AAA Quality Credit Brand Enterprise in China’ . In Dec.2010, the company’s annual sales broke through 500 million RMB.


In January: 3.0m / s high-speed passenger elevator put into use.
In February: won the “Chinese famous brand.”
In March: won the “quality, reputation, service AAA enterprises.”
In April: won the “key industrial enterprises in Jiande City.”
In June: as “high-tech enterprises in Hangzhou City,” it was named “quality tracking key protection products.”
In August: won the “Shou contract re-credit units,” won the “AAA credit rating certificate.”
In September: the winning key national demonstration project “low-rent housing project in Chongqing 200 sets of high-level high-speed passenger elevator project.”.
In December: sales reached 600 million RMB.


In January: won the “2011 Annual taxpayer.”
In April: won the “key industrial enterprises in Jiande City.”
In July: successful bid Yubei “low-rent housing project 141 sets of high-level high-speed passenger elevator project.”.
In August: the company signed within an industry leading large single: the number of engineering units 1048, a total of 300 million yuan elevator procurement and installation contracts.
In September: awarded the “China Quality AAA credit enterprise.”
In October: The VDI lift energy certification, won the A-class energy efficiency certificate.
In December: sales reached 700 million RMB.


In January: awarded by Jiande City, State Revenue issued the “2012 Annual taxpayer.”
In February: “2012 Annual National Sales Meeting” was held, more than 300 sales outlets brought together representatives of the elite one, the company last year, projecting sales dealer for the inventory and recognition, the grand launch of two new products: LUX3000 series and LUX5000 series.
In April: won the Hangzhou Municipal Economic and Information Technology Commission awarded the “Hangzhou Wisdom enterprise.”
In May: won the “key industrial enterprises in Jiande City” title.
June: Get the “elevator car anti-slip protection devices” patent certificate.
In September: won the “Zhejiang industrial and commercial enterprises AAA credit Shou contract re-credit units,” won “AAA + grade corporate credit quality.”
In October: business license registered capital of 308 million RMB.
In November: the company assigned part of the technical backbone went to Shenyang to participate in “2013 Elevator Association design and manufacture of professional committee members of the General Assembly,” thoroughly study “Security Act, new standards, new inspection regulations.”


In February: patent certificate “with no room elevators emergency status indicator sensing means.”
In March: “Heart dream stage heart”-“Austrian legislation,” 2014 National Sales Meeting grand opening, more than 300 sales outlets elite gathered in Xiaoshan Radisson Hotel Lai platinum, join the festivities.
In August: won the AAA credit rating certificate.
In September: obtain patent certificate “one kind of protection device to prevent accidental movement of the car,” patent certificate “to prevent accidental movement of the car protection system” for two consecutive years won the “AAA + grade corporate credit quality.”
In October: patent certificate “for an elevator traveling cable detection device,” won the “AAA + grade corporate credit quality.”


In May: obtain “gearless elevators without machine room,” “one box car roof repair line detection device,” “no room elevator control cabinet,” three utility model patent certificate.
In May 10, Austrian legislation elevator industrial park officially opened, with an annual output of 30,000 sets of manufacturing capacity, has now become China elevator manufacturing capacity, research and development and production of one of the most powerful of the R & D base.
In June: won the “China’s elevator industry’s top ten brands”, “Chinese green production products”, “China Famous,” “Chinese famous brand” honorary title.
In August: obtain “vehicle carrying an infrared elevator call system”, “Board caulk elevator control circuit” two utility model patents.
In September: won the “national integrity of the quality benchmark for the typical enterprise”, “National Quality Trustworthy Product” certificate, to obtain “an elevator car parking caulking means” utility model patent certificate, wing Comment on “national high-tech enterprises.”
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