After years development and technology accumulation
Aolida has built a high-tech R&D team
With very strong ability of independent design and R&D

From the long-term perspective
Aolida makes efforts to apply and develop new techniques
And constantly launches new products up to the market demand

VDI4707 Lifts Energy Efficiency

VDI is short for Verein Deutscher Ingenieure (responsible for Germany’s domestic standard setting and distribution). VDI4707 Part1 is a special standard for elevator energy efficiency. The energy consumption of elevators is divided into level A-G according to the different energy demand of elevators when they are in operation and standby in different occasions. Aolida has attained the certification of A-level energy efficiency.

Super Speed Passenger Elevator of Heavy Load

The super speed passenger elevator is the direction of technology development in the elevator industry. Designed independently by Aolida, its main parameter of manufacturing is speed 8m/s, and its load weight is 2000kg. The super speed elevator of heavy load was installed in the testing tower and run successfully. To fully reach the advanced level of the industry, various performance indexes were stringently tested by the National Test and Supervision Center of Elevators.

Freight elevator of Heavy Load

With 20 years of experience in the development of freight elevators, Aolida develops the structures of gantries against car lifts of heavy load and the traction mode of 4:1, which matches with it. Our company uses mature control system of CS5000 frequency conversion to comprehensively improve the performance of elevator operation. The load weight has been developed successfully so far is 10000kg. Successfully, the speed 0.5m/s freight elevator of heavy load has entered the commercial market. At the same time, Aolida becomes one of the few domestic manufacturers to develop and produce freight elevators of heavy load.

Four-quadrant Energy Feedback Technology

Actually, energy feedback is the trend and direction of the development of energy saving technology in the elevators. Make full use of IGBT power module, which achieves the characteristic of bi-directional energy flow. The transducer equipped with PWM control for rectifier, is qualified with the ability of four- quadrant operation, to meet various speed control requirements of potential load-bearing as well as the needs of energy conversions of various conditions, which is real green.