Zhejiang provincial government issued the “opinions on strengthening the safety of the elevator work”

With the rapid development of economy and society and the acceleration of urbanization, the elevator application is very common. Because the elevator long-term lack of maintenance, coupled with public safety by ladder consciousness is not strong enough, resulting in the recent spate of multiple causes of elevator accident caused personal injury accident, caused widespread concern of elevator safety. According to statistics, the number of elevators in Zhejiang province for 240 thousand units, accounting for about 1/10 of the total lift of the country. In order to further strengthen the elevator safety management, ensure the safety of passengers life, recently, the Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government Office officially issued the “opinions on strengthening the safety work of the elevator”.
There are four main characteristics:
First, pay more attention to the top-level design of elevator safety. Around the building a pluralistic management pattern and a safety requirement to ensure the overall system, better coordination the relationship between government regulation and market supervision, social supervision, the supervision system more scientific, system, better adapt to the urgent need of elevator safety at this stage of our province social management of elevator safety requirements of the new and the masses of the people.
The two is to pay more attention to the maximization of regulatory efforts. In the responsibilities of clear at all levels of people’s government and relevant functional departments and departments in charge of industry, carry out their duties, and at the same time, emphasizing the governments at all levels and relevant departments of communication and coordination and close cooperation. At the same time, to establish a special government assessment mechanism, the elevator (special equipment) security work joint meeting system and accountability system, to provide institutional support for the supervision of the maximum joint force.
Three is to pay more attention to play the role of social supervision. Key from the establishment of the elevator complaint dispute coordination mechanism; elevator emergency rescue mechanism; social organization participation supervision mechanism; liability insurance mechanism and other four mechanisms to promote social supervision of elevator.
Four is to pay more attention to the feasibility and effectiveness of regulatory measures. For example, to promote the crack of the overhaul of the old elevator update this problem, both from the government funds set up financing mechanism and property management subsidies policy give priority to safeguard etc. security necessary safety input, while supporting the elevator risk assessment, the main components of the rejection and local standards to provide technical support.

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