Villa Elevator

AOLIDA villa elevator up contention for private households designed to match the simple and elegant decoration style private residence taste, safe and practical to meet the performance needs of the villa daily access to green energy concept for every private residence consider economic science, to create a comfortable fun family enjoy space.

Advanced technology

No independent machine room is required.
Simple installation: Shallow pit, no construction well, maximum well utiliza-tion rate.
Main power supply 220V with perfect match.
If nobody uses the elevator for 15 minutes, the lamp automatically shuts off inside the car. It greatly saves your electricity charge at home.
Low noise and vibration: Variable frequency travel mode, extremely quiet and smooth lift operation and parking.
External intercom: The passenger can contact the residential quarter monitor room through intercom in the car if the lift can not open due to any trouble.
With UPS power supply, when power fails at home, the lift automatically travels to the leveling position and then the passengers can safely leave the elevator.

Multiple safety systems provide great care

AOLIDA Villa Elevators adopt a full range of security technologies from the details to the whole elevator, in order to add more warmth to your home.

Advanced security detection and protection function

It enables the main controller to thoroughly know the operation status of elevator and hoistway, and cope freely even if special circumstances occur, thus fully guaranteeing your safety.

Voltage detection function

When the power grid voltage is abnormal, it will affect the safe operation of elevator, the intelligent control system will automatically send out alarms and provide reliable security protection.

Safety circuit

All major components are equipped with safety sensors and linked together, so as to ensure the normal operation of all security components.

Car Decoration

Ceiling:Mirror stainless steel frame, with acrylic top panel
Car wall: Hairline stainless steel
Floor: PVC floor

Ceiling: Hairline stainless steel frame, energy-saving lamps
Car wall: Hairline stainless steel
Floor: PVC floor

Ceiling: Stainless steel frame, mirror
Car wall: Stainless steel frame, glass
Floor: PVC floor

Ceiling: Mirror stainless steel+LED light
Car wall: Titanium gold hairline, mirror stainless steel
Floor: Marble parquet

Ceiling: Baking finish wood (ivory white), LED down light, acrylic cover
Car wall: Baking finish wood (ivory white)
Floor: PVC floor

Ceiling: Hairline stainless steel, LED down light
Car wall: Back wall: Mirror stainless steel etching
Side wall: Mirror stainless steel,embossed leather coating
Floor: PVC floor

Ceiling: Mirror stainless steel titanium gold, translucent marble, wooden line
Car wall: Decorative wood panel, cosmetic mirror, mirror stainless steel
titanium gold decoration trim
Floor: PVC floor

Ceiling: Baking finish wooden board, mirror stainless steel titanium gold, translucent marble
Car wall: Decorative wooden panel, mirror stainless steel etching titanium gold
Floor: Deep wood grain + White wood grain (Marble)