In the fancy modern metropolis, in the public traffic and transport occasions such as the large-size supermarket, the public construction, airport, exhibition center, transport change-over station and so on, autowalk can not only satisfy the large transport problems in case of the massive passenger flow, what is more, when the people are up and down the lifts, they feel as if they are walking on the level ground. It can replace for the long-distance walk. The passengers feel rather relaxed in transporting the luggage carts, the baby carts, the vehicles for the handicapped etc. It is greatly conveneint for the people’s travel and shopping. Its easy, swift, pleasant rising requriements results in the first-choice solution plan for various large supermarkets, airports, exhibition centers, transport change-over stations.
Aolida auto-walks have been designed and produced by the advanced techniques and the top-grade design ideas. They feature as the balanced running, the low noise, the good durability, the convenient repair and so forth. It furnishes vast passengers with the completely new, bright, comfortable feel through the fine and exquisite structure, the superior step, the delicate handrail, the deluxe and pleasing outline. It lets you appreciate the enchanted glamor and the luxury manners of the modern constructions.

Compact structure

Patented fish belly style pallet can greatly reduce space span, which flexibly fits the building structure and save the construction space for the customer.

Colorful decoration

Various styled handrail can meet personal demand in different environment Beautiful stainless steel floor plate has athree dimensional effect. Inner and outer decking adopts stainless steel.

Incomparably low cost

Auto-walk conveyor fully utilizes advanced manufacturing process, greatly improves product performance and service life, the most direct result is that the operation cost of the customer is reduced. The optional VF drive technology yields great energy-saving, reducing the running cost to the maximum.

Fine safety and reliability

Slip free grooves on pallet surface have an excellent slip proof function which makes the ride safeand comfortable. Slightly inclined combs can make trolleys easilyget on and off. special machine with complete protecting function runs smoothly and drives efficiently.